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O’Brien Aircraft INC Sales and Leasing started years ago to provide leasing and maintenance to flight operators that couldn’t easily get financing for small aircraft operations.
Our maintenance shop operated a retail operation until the market dropped. At this time we teamed up with different lending institutions to repossess, relocate, maintain and resell the collateral.
the last 5 years were very busy, and now that the market has recovered, we have moved back into retail sales and leasing.
O’Brien Aviation operates a fleet of Piper Archers and a Seminole for long or short term leasing to flight schools.
We gladly broker personally owned as well as bank owned aircraft. We live right on the airport and are available anytime to show, an aircraft. We have staff to relocate any type of aircraft and are licensed in the following areas:

FAA A&P Mechanics
FAA IA Inspection Authorization
FAA Single and Multi Pilots License
State Of Florida Insurance Adjusting
State of Florida Repossession Agency
State of Florida Repossession Agent
We have multiple hangars and a showroom Located On SPRUCE CREEK FLY IN, 6 miles south of DAYTONA BEACH.

Give Us A call with Any questions you may Have.
William O’Brien